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    This is either a bug or I’m not getting something …

    1. set the IP for eth0
    2. turn on dhcp client on eth1
    3. setup nat
    4. setup dhcp server on eth0 with 5 static servers and 1-50 range for dynamic ones
    5. setup/profile/create db/activate

    when device boot
    1. ip for eth0 is there (so this is ok)
    2. dhcp client on eth1 is off (NOT ok)
    3. nat is off (NOT ok)
    4. dhcp server is off and all the settings (Static servers etc are gone) (NOT ok)

    I’m using ZeroShell-1.0.beta11-ALIX-CompactFlash-1GB.img.gz on ALIX board.

    Any ideas? I tried to remove /dev/hda3 and create new partition, format it .. same thing happens .. it stores the new password, the IP for the eth0 and that’s about it .. dhcp server settings are gone, NAT settings are gone, eth1 settings are gone 🙁


    For beginning you can do this simple sequence:

    1. set the IP for eth0
    2. turn on dhcp client on eth1
    5. setup/profile/create db/activate

    And if there is no problem go on and do step 3, step 4.

    The goal is to see which operation fails.


    Did you find a solution for your problem?

    I have same problem on 1.0.beta12. Running from live-cd and saving images to usb …

    Config for ETH00, pasword , is saved correct.
    Config for ETH01, IP, NAT, Router, DHCP is NOT saved..

    I’m using fixed IP for ETH01.

    Both ETH cards (main borad and PCI) are recognized as :
    Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)



    On default profile you cannot save configuration.

    You must create a profile to save configuration.

    simple sequenze.

    1 boot Zs
    2 connect pc with ip 192.168.0.x to Zs ETH00(
    3 login zs
    4 create profile (menu setup ->profiles) with desidered ip for ETH00
    5 Activate profile
    6 reboot ZS
    7 change ip on pc compliant with ZS ip
    8 Configure ZS.



    @giancagianca wrote:

    On default profile you cannot save configuration.

    You must create a profile to save configuration… ….

    That seems to point the answer. I thougth that after making changes to profile, you should create a new profile to save them. I did not noticed that every change you do to ‘Active’ profile is automatically saved, I.E. you do NOT need to create a new profile to save changes.

    It looks like when you create a new profile only information related to ETH00 is saved.

    So if you want to have ‘incremental’ backups, and/or have a copy of your current profile before doing some changes, you have to:

      1. Create a copy of current (Active) Profile. You get a new _DBXXX profile.
      2. Activate this new created Profile.
      3. Make desired chages on this Profile.
      4. If you do not like your changes, you can go back to profile on step 1.

    Please confirm…



    You can copy or backup profile with zs function only with proxy disable.

    If proxy is enable backup or copy profile not work correctly.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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