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    I have a zeroshell box with a big setup and now it fails every other week because of some issue with the DNS service. The restore process has been horrible. I have lost the subscription and everything is so big that I can not restore except to a backup that takes literally hours to come up again. And then I was thinking on keeping a profile as a reserve. But once the box fails miserably I can not select the backup profile. What can I do to select a profile at boot time?



    97 Magenta

    Subscription is linked to Mac address of your NIC (If I have a good understanding)

    So if you’re in VM installation you have to check Mac address given to your network cards are still the same.

    On my side i’m on proxmox VM so I copy paste MAC address number to the virtual nic in prox mox when restore or reinstall.

    Proxmox also give me the ability to have backup VM of my Zeroshell VM to switch to in case of problem.

    From the console you can get in profile manager, you might be able to do something there ?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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