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    As the technology administrator for a medium school (about 500 users) in Argentina I’m finding that ZeroShell might be all I need for our small network.

    Thanks Fulvio for dedicating your time, knowledge and energy on such a complete piece of software and to all the other users that provided useful information so that newbies like me (with almost no Linux experience) can at least hope to get something running.

    Enough bla-bla and here’s my question:
    What’s the best way of having a separate interface for the RADIUS accounting?
    1. A separate ZS machine just for that?
    2. A separate user account with permission to the accounting section… if that option exists.

    A simple URL where the current users, time, traffic and $$$ consumed are listed in real time would be enough.

    My situation is that we have a computer laboratory in the library where we charge non-students and I don’t want the secretary there to have full administrative access to the ZS web console but ONLY to the RADIUS accounting.



    Hi ruben.rothermel , maybe zerotruth could help , since is possible add “managers” to the system (Zerotruth only), then for each “manager”, you can create something like a user interface based on manager’s privilege , so , for eg. the admin will have full access to all features , while a manager (the secretary , for example) could only add/remove users ( wanting, if setted, only users which have been created by that manager) looks at sessions , (start, stop traffic up/down) and so on , you have only to decide what the specific manager can do…


    Thanks for the answer. I’ve seen ZeroTruth but I had no idea it was a separate interface to ZeroShell. I’m reading details about ZeroTruth now.

    Another question, which might need to go in the “feature request” section, is: Is there any way to control specific users or groups either in the QoS or Firewall sections. The RADIUS captive portal can handle a few items (bandwidth, time and traffic) and the QoS and Firewall seems to filter by IP/MAC only.

    Does the DansGuardian module allows for that?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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