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    I am setting up a zeroshell server in between a dsl modem and a Switch.

    i have made ETH00 The public facing interface and ETH01 the internal interface that will hash out the DHCP scope. The switch is a POE switch and will have Cisco AP’s connected.

    I have successfully configured to the point where a wireless laptop can join the guest network, get a DHCP address, log onto the captive portal with a created username, and gets connected. The problem from here is that I cannot get onto the internet. The zeroshell server is on the internet. It has already done updates. How do I route the DHCP traffic to ETH00?? Help!!


    Is DSL modem in routed mode or in bridge mode? Did you setup default gateway and activate NAT on ETH00 interface?


    Traceroute to by domain name first and then by IP address.
    You may be connected but have your DNS misconfigured.
    To further verify your DNS on your client use nslookup (for windows) or dig (for linux).


    Zeroshell has an IP 0f on Eth00, The default gateway is, and ETH01 is with a DHCP range of I have not setup NAT. Which interface would i do it on?


    Under [Router] menu item select [NAT] and mark ETH00 as “NAT enabled interface”.


    Thanks vpn_rollercoaster and yum. i will give both a look today and update whether it works.


    I checked the DNS and the NAT suggestions. It turned out that when I placed the ETH00 interface in the NAT section it started to work flawlessly! Thanks yum and vpn_rollercoaster for your suggestions and help.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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