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    I’m trying to set up zeroshell to route between 2 networks.

    Here is a logical view of what I am trying to achieve:

    I read this guide to help me with my setup however, in the network adapters configuration page (Page 7), it states there should be an ETH00 and ETH01, this is what I have:

    The guide said that ETH00 will be the gateway for the internal clients and ETH01 will be to communicate with my Modem/Router (Billion 7404VGP). Problem, there is no ETH01 as you can see from the above screenshot. Is the VPN99 interface supposed to take ETH01’s place? This is where I’m lost.

    And yes, I have added the default route to my Billion.

    At the moment, the only client I am attempting to connect to zeroshell is a windows 2k3 OS and the only static route in 2k3 I have made at the moment is just the default route.

    If somebody can please just give me clear direction on which is the internal/external interface and anything else you may see that I’m messing up, that would be great.

    Thank-you for your time. 🙂

    Important note: Zeroshell and 2k3 (the OS I’m trying to connect to Zeroshell) are currently running on VMWare.


    Please, post the output of the following command:


    I suspect that one of your network interfaces is not supported by the kernel of Zeroshell.



    Do you even have two network cards installed?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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