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    I finally was enable to setup ZS to work with wle600vx in AC mode. (5GH)

    This was not a simple task, it requires a few things.
    – ath10k – fixed by adding board.bin firmware
    – a feature patch that will add an option for AC option
    – a new version for hostapd. (I compiled 2.5)

    Until setup can be integrated with a feature patch, a more hacker type approach has to be used.

    1) Bring the new interface alive, for this we need to create a holder for firmware, that needs to be rw.

    mkdir -p /DB/opt/
    cp -ar /cdrom/firmware /DB/opt/
    cd /DB/opt/firmware/ath10k/QCA988X/hw2.0/

    Now that we created a persistent updated firmware we need to mount it then test it.

    mount -o bind /DB/opt/firmware /lib/firmware
    rmmod ath10k_pci
    rmmod ath10k_core
    modprobe ath10k_core
    modprobe ath10k_pci
    iw wlan0 info

    This assuming that wlan0 if is the only interface or wlan1 if there is another one and so on.
    If everything is ok and there is some output we can go further…
    Add this script to preboot script except last info command

    2) Create a config stub.
    – run wireless network setup (wifi manager). You should see wlan0 or wlan1 related to the added interface. If you don’t see it then you need to go back to step 1
    – setup a new SSID and and setup channel. If you want to be able to pick a 5G you will need to apply the code from here.
    However this is not necessary because the interfece may not start due to other issues. We will address this later, just pick n and a channel from 2g for now.
    – Compile ( ) or download a new binary for hostapd > 2.3. I added a binary for 2.5 here

    cd /DB/opt
    mkdir bin && cd bin
    chmod +x hostapd-2.5-ZS-3.6.0_i686
    ln -s hostapd-2.5-ZS-3.6.0_i686 hostapd

    – Create a new config for the new hostapd based on the original one and add new AC features. I end up using a config that I found on the internet. ( ) . I will put my config to have a reference.

    – test it ./hostapd -B -ddd your.config.file

    3) Put everything together on the preboot and postboot scripts. (didn’t do this yet)
    4) Integrate into ZS distro. (here still needs a lot of work)

    Note: Some attention has to be focused on the channel setup. If 40M band channel are enabled the hostapd will scan first for interference. Also in NA you can have 30 db (1W) Tx power on the upper channels.
    Ref: Channel planning:

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