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    i’m trying to set up a zeroshell server as an Access Point, but the wifi card won’t receive the internet from the ethernet card.

    My set up is :

    Internet Box

    > DHCP server/firewall —(ETH00)

    > Zeroshell server (and DHCP) distributing Internet as an Access Point with Portal Active.

    But when I try to connect via Wifi to the ZS server, i receive an IP, but i can’t get access to the net nor the active portal. I can ping the server but that’s it.

    I tried to change the route table to set the ETH00 as a gateway, but i’m not sure it works nor how to do it.

    Any solution?

    PS : running ZS 3.0


    Ok i found the solution.

    In the DHCP section in the web interface of zeroshell, you have to put “” (or whatever DNS you are using) in the “Domain name” box. It’s empty by default, and I didn’t fill in at first 🙂

    Everything is working now

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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