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    I have created 3 lan-to-lan vpn connections in zeroshell using our three internet connections. also checked both side its working.
    Like :
    client side lan-to-lan VPN gateway is . when I am checking server site showing “VPN00 Connected to (UDP)”
    Also checked rest 2 lan-to-lan vpn showing connected.

    I want Internet from server side to client side using lan-to-lan vpn tunnel, so I have configured three ips under lan-to-lan vpn connections in both sides. Also ping working among each other.

    Like: ip configured under server side lan-to-lan vpn ip configured under client side lan-to-lan vpn
    I am able to ping from client side to .

    But when I configure (server side under vpn ip) ip in Net Balancer of client side for using gateway and saved then showing “No link” .

    Please help me for above Problem.


    Please give me any solution my above post.
    Other wise give me any suggetion , My requirment is :

    1> I am getting Internet from zeroshell server to zeroshell client using our three Internet connection through lan-to-lan vpn tunnel.
    2> Added three lan-to-lan vpn gateway in Net Balancer so then internet can be balanced.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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