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    I am a new user on Zeroshell and i have a question for my project

    Project: ISP migration
    I need, temporary, to route some users to ISP1 and all other to ISP2
    the users traffic come from my Backbone.
    The backbone, ISP1 and ISP2 are on the same network.

    Does i need 2 or more network interfaces, or just one ?
    such as:
    We have 4000 users
    ISP1 is 1Gb
    ISP2 is 1Gb

    If 2 or more, do i need to put another ip address on second and or third interfaces ?


    What’s the criterion to route one group of users to the first IPS and other to the second ?


    the criterion for special users needed to use ISP1 is host source ip

    i have try this with NetBalancer rules:

      1 * * MARK all opt — in * out * -> MARK set 0x65
      2 * * MARK all opt — in * out * -> MARK set 0x64

    I seem it’s to be ok, but all traffic pass only into one interface.
    I think because is the same network.
    if i use only one interface, i’m scared of congestion with high bandwidth utilisation.

    how to use interface gateway on the same subnet ?


    And the mode is set to “load balancing” or “Failover” ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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