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    I am what I would call a “DNS noob”. I know alot of other networking stuff but I never got around to setting up a DNS server. I have read all the basics in the tldp howto, However I was hoping for some help with actually setting this up in ZeroShell.

    Ok here are my specs:

    I have a device with 6 NICs running ZeroShell. The first nick is connected to the gateway (ip:, and for each of the remaining 5 NICs i have given them ips and matching DHCP server like so:

    ip:, dhcp range 100-200
    ip:, dhcp range 100-200
    ip:, dhcp range 100-200
    ip:, dhcp range 100-200
    ip:, dhcp range 100-200

    My gateway, a dsl router i got from my ISP, forwards (almost) all traffic to my ZeroShell box.

    My dsl router has a static public IP that I have pointed my own “” domain to.


    1. How can i make sure my box acts properly as a dns server for computers connected to one of the “dhcp nics” ?

    2. Is it possible to create a dns structure in the webinterface so that my computers can be reached by names like from within the lan? With the “subnet” part of the name, I mean one of the NICs (so for example a computer “katana” connected to nic2 might be named, while another computer “tanto” connected to nic3 might be named How would I go about to set this up?

    I hope this was clear. If something is not clear, please let me know!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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