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    Been pulling my hair out looking for a GUI based distro that I can use as a simple proxy server for a small workgroup. The way we’re setup right now is that all the user’s browsers are configured to use a proxy server (settings are locked out so they can’t change them). All I want to do is point user PCs to the zeroshell box and have it block all internet access unless it’s on the whitelist (we have multiple layers of AV scans so bypassing the ZS AV scans is fine.

    I’ve been working with Zeroshell (latest version I’m currently downloading the 9 release after reading a post that the 10 has proxy issues) on an old server and I’ve got it to the point were its up and running and I can ping the internet via IP but not name. I’ve binded the DNS to opendns via the DNS forwarding section but this still does not work (ping by name, autoupdates, etc…).

    Total linux noob here and yes I have been searching and reading the forums (and I’ve found some nice info that have help me fix other issues I had). I was hoping someone could walk me through step by step what I need to do to get this working.

    Thank you in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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