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    Hey guys,

    Got a minor thing I’d like to fix, here is the story.

    Main Point:
    I am running a game server behind zeroshell on my private network, multiple connections work mostly great (there is some minor latency but that’s not a real issue for the 5 of us to deal with). I am using “Virtual Server” pointing to my game server.

    The Problem:
    When players connect to my server, on my local network coming from the internet, I lose their IP connecting to my server and the game only shows the server ip address is connecting, obviously internal clients show their correct internal ip. Is there a way to stop the changing of the source address from the users real ip to the servers ip. Do I need to setup a new Iptables chain, set a DMZ?



    Issue was invalid settings in NAT, from a previous setup.


    Have you enabled NAT on the LAN NIC?
    NIC having NAT enabled will Masquerade (show the zeroshell ip address connecting).

    Removing the NIC from the NAT will show the real IP address.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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