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    The VMware Tools hack that I’ve repeated three times is just too much of a hack, in that host-triggered shutdown doesn’t always work and the 10G network adapter (vmxnet3) is still unusable. I might have to just practice Linux From Scratch and try building my own images, integrating Open VM Tools source with it.

    While I’ve read about others obtaining source code and compiling ZS, I can’t find links to source code here. Where is the source? And what’s a recommended environment to compile it in?

    I also want to try making a downloadable module that would include enough Open VM Tools functionality while replacing as little as possible. I’ve wondered how optimized kernels and other internals-replacements are done on a Live CD installation, especially the installed versions that use an ISO / UDF hard drive partition.


    I am preparing a new Kernel 3.14.18 so I’ll upload directly that instead of the 3.4.82 that will be no long used in new release. To compile the source you can find on the forum how to obtain the R/W version with the compiler. Also in the documentation you should find some procedures.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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