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    Hello, i have two zeroshell boxes to bond two DSL Lines.

    My Problem is that one of the two links faults every 2-3 hours and the static Route to the Bond interface stays down even when the Interface is back on.

    Her my configuration:

    ZS Box — DSL1 — VPN — Datacenter ZS Box
    — DSL2 — VPN —

    Static Routes:

    ID Destination Gateway
    1 DatacenterIP1 DSL1
    2 DatacenterIP2 DSL2


    name Interface/IP weight
    DSL1 ETH01 1
    DSL2 ETH00 1
    BOND BONd GW 99

    Bond Interface = VPN00(DSL1) + VPN01(DSL2) in Weighted Load Balancing and Failover

    So when DSL2 has lost his link, Route 2 is down. That is right.Route 3 is also down but after DSL2 and route 2 are up again, route 3 is remaining Down for ever.
    At this State i can ping between the boxes but any traffic from the lan dont go out to the Internet because the Default gateway is Down.
    When i set the Gateway to any other ip, and then change it back to the Bond Gateway, everything is working fine again and it stays Up.

    I Think this is a Bug because it dont recognize that the Bond gateway is working again.

    I hope that anyone has a fix for that because its very annoying.

    Greetings from germany


    What Zs version are you using ? As far as I remember, I’ve seen this ‘incorrect’ behavior with static routes ‘lost’ some releases ago, I had done a little script, in cron-job, which was executed every 2 min or so, my remote network was, while the inner remote vpn’s ip address was

    # Bash script: add_route_vpn-Cron
    if route -n | grep '^' ; then
    exit ;
    if ping -q -c 1; then
    route add -net netmask gw metric 1 ;



    Oh Sorry i forget to mention my ZS Versions.

    Both ends are Using the newest Version of ZS (3.3.1) with 64bit Kernel (ID 49030) and Firmware update (ID 40300).

    So that is a bug even in the newest version and not only in older releases.

    Is your script also functioning in the newest release?

    When yes than i will try it to solve this problem. I hope it solve my Problem.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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