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    Okay, so here’s my situation.

    I live in an apartment building where the isp uses captive portal to monitor and restrict bandwidth. I signed up for “mac address logon” allowing me to use a router and never see the sign in page. I gave the isp the mac address of the interface I want the internet on in my zeroshell box. It is assigned a dynamic ip. I have the router enabled, dhcp enabled, and dns enabled along with dynamic opendns. The internet is “working”, but there are some bugs. When ever I go to sites with styling, like Facebook, the site looks way outta wack.
    Facebook Example

    Any reason for this that anyone can think of right off the bat? If I plug myself directly into the isp, it works fine, so I know it must have something to do with the router. Let me know![/url]


    If you log into that page without going through the router, would there be an ad in that place?

    Maybe they are doing what I am doing: Have a bunch of the crappy ad serving DNS addresses setup to resolve to End result is I get a lot of pages with boxes showing “Not Found” with some seemingly arbitrary file path. Its not found because it isn’t on my computer.

    Why do I do that? I hate ads, I don’t want ads to track me, I don’t want to slow down my web browsing for a slow ad web server to respond and I am not overly fond of Flash which a huge number of ads are built with.

    You can check that by showing the source for pages that do that, see what URL the “Not Found” areas are trying to reach then doing a nslookup or dig on the DNS address portion of the URL and see what IP address is returned.


    you might be able to spot the problem with live http header plugin for firefox.

    do some minimal tests, first with no ZS router, then with, and compare results.


    I guess I don’t understand what this would have to do with ads. If I don’t use my zs router, facebook and other sites open just fine and look “normal”. It’s only when I use zs that the layout gets all messed up.

    As for the testing, what should I be looking for? I’ll try that out today.


    I rebooted the zs box and now it works…? lol Not sure what was going on. Can anyone explain to me the dns system? I am unfamiliar with zones and such. I’d like to set it up so that I can specify some addresses for sites I frequently visit, but have all other requests go through opendns (pretty sure I have that down already).


    I recall facing such an issue when the DNS server didn’t allow recursive lookups. You can create per site forwarders in ZS to resolve specific sites with some DNS server and a default for the rest (ANY).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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