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    Good day,

    Hi Fulvio,

    One of the website of mine loads very slow. It was under an subinterface IP.


    WAN1 : ETH01:00 x.x.x.14 /29 => primary
    ETH01:01 x.x.x.11 /29 => sub interface

    Webserver port forward x.x.x.11 /29 (WAN ETH01:01) -> x.x.8.22/24 (LAN ETH00:01) loads slow around 60sec


    Webserver port forward x.x.x14 /29 (WAN ETH01:00)-> x.x.2.239 /24 (LAN ETH00:00) loads faster around 10-15sec

    I did not get it why when the webserver will be port forward on the second sub interface of the WAN it loads very slow.

    UNIT SPEC: Xeon(R) CPU W3550 @ 3.07GHz
    8Gb RAM
    500 gb harddisk

    ZEROSHELL 3.4.0 use

    This is not virtual.

    I have no complain when it was on zeroshell 3.0.0 and it was virtual before.

    Please help me regarding this one. I need it badly what cause it to slow. it is not in the server because when I switch the WAN IP it loads fast.

    I doublecheck. I swap the WAN from x.x.x.14/29 to x.x.x.11/29 and it loads better. I think there is some problem when using port 80. I just new in zeroshell but I think there is something wrong. I did use pfsense before and not incounter this problem.

    Hope for your quick response fulvio. Because I cannot utilize my range of public IP and having problem in website because it takes some delay in loading when using subinterface ETH01:01.




    This happen for the webserver.. the site load slow in port 80. but it has no problem on other. it takes of 45-50sec difference.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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