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    Firstly, thanks for such a great project. You are only at beta 4 and this is very stable and functional for us to use as a RADIUS server. I simply took an old DELL Dimension 4100 we had lying around, booted from the CD and followed the online guide. Now my 3COM WAP is happily authenticating via RADIUS with WPA. Thank you.

    Now I have a question/request. Is there any chance that you’d be considering adding Novell eDirectory support to the FreeRADIUS portion of ZeroShell? Zeroshell was a dream to deploy and the only thing that would be beneficial to us is if I could use our Novell eDirectory servers act as the authentication source. I know that FreeRADIUS can support this as Novell is doing it on SuSe with freeRADIUS and the extensions are available. If not using eDir as an authentication source it’d be great to be able to synchronize the user database with it as you do for Active Directory(GASP). ;^) Edir does support LDAP as well but it looked like Zeroshell acted as an LDAP server as opposed to using it as a resource for user credentials.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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