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    While it’s possible to manually invoke a second VPN session via the script interface, it is desired to have multiple VPN user sessions via the gui. There are two reasons/ways this might best be implemented:

    1) multiple ports on the same VPN instance — port 80 and 1194 with the same pool, preferences etc. Used to allow for multiple port firewall traversal attempts.

    2) different classes of users — if you want to firewall based on IP to restrict what can be accessed, there are a lot of touchpoints you can’t manage via the script easily. This requires being able to duplicate the VPN99 section via the gui, AND specifying in the user records which VPN pool they are permitted to use. Right now the only way to effectively do this is run another zeroshell and duplicate the users in question (complicates routing and uses another external IP unfortunately)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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