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    I have a problem with my zeroshell router. Sometimes the system seems to crash and it is totally frozen (you can’t do anything)
    My Hardware:
    – ALIX 2D3 Board
    – miniPCI Wlan Chip (WLM54GP23) Atheros chip: AR2413

    Software / features i use:
    – zeroshell Beta12
    – Asterisk
    – DHCP / DNS / PPPoE connection / 1 VPN to another zeroshell box
    – WLAN AP is configured

    The problem is very sporadic, sometimes the system is running for serveral days without a problem, sometimes it freezes twice a day.
    (The other zeroshell box mentioned above is an older WRAP board without Asterisk and without WLAN –> this box is stable!)

    I would like to send you (Fulvio) some log files, but everytime I hard restart the system after a crash (soft reboot is not possible) there seems to be no message in the logs from the time the system crashed.
    Is there a way to activate some kind of deeper log level.

    I have a syslog server available that could collect everything, since the space on the router is limited.



    I’ve seen this as well on different hardware (IP130). Any ideas on how to determine what is causing the hang? thanks


    Same issue here. System freezes and has to be reset before I can connect to it again.

    My Config:

    Wistron NeWeb CM9-GP with Atheros AR5004 chip
    WiFi with WPA Enterprise + RADIUS
    DHCP server (on 3 subnets)
    DNS server
    no VPN
    no QoS

    There are about 5 Wifi clients and 2 hardwired clients.

    I would also like to know what’s the best way to start trouble shooting this because I am not seeing anything useful in the logs.



    Well, my system went down today and would not boot again. I don’t have access to my Alix board via null modem so I am not sure what it was displaying there, but I did not see anything in log files (i connected cf to desktop pc to check it).

    My solution was to load clean ZeroShell install to a new cf and manually configure everything again. (painful process ๐Ÿ™ ) I tried to transfer old profile to the new cf, but that did not work either, so I am pretty positive that there was something wrong with the old profile. I hope that now at least it will be stable again.


    So the system still crashes even with the new profile and when it does so there is nothing in the log files whatsoever. This is becoming really frustrating and it seems like the only option is to go look for an alternative router distribution ๐Ÿ™


    I have already switched to an alternative router OS (openwrt).
    I believe the whole problem is related to the madwifi drivers…

    I am still a big fan of zeroshell and using it on other systems that do not have a wireless card installed!

    Is anybody aware of how to update the madwifi drivers in zeroshell?? maybe this fixes the issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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