Ther are no space on CF image for temp files

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    Hello, All.
    Many thanks to Fulvio for his great work! AFAIK, Zeroshell is a one distr for routers without interface amount restrictions.
    There’s a my small trouble 🙂
    Zeroshell 1.0beta4 CF image, 1G CF in external USB reader for configuration saving, 256M RAM, 6 ethernet interfaces.
    When I try to create about 30 rules in every of standard chains (INPUT, OUTPUT, FORWARD), got the error just in web GUI:
    cp: cannot create regular file `/tmp/rule.bck/ForwardType’: No space left on device. (for every file and dir to create)
    # df (some lines skipped)
    # /dev/ram2 31729 17032 14697 54% /
    # shm 127716 0 127716 0% /dev/shm
    # /dev/hda1 4288 3027 1040 75% /boot
    # /udev/sda1 974888 650088 275276 71% /DB
    # /DB/_DB.001 974888 650088 275276 71% /Database

    Are my firewall rules so big ?
    Is there a possibility to increase root disk without rebuilding of existing ISO image?

    Help, please. And sorry for my English 😳

    PS: 1.0beta6 has the same problem

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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