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    How do you search in the forums?
    And how can you find all posts from your account?
    I am in the IT for the last 30 years, and frankly I am looking at this UI, and cannot figure anything out. It is full of useless crap that I am absolutely uninterested in, such as Meetups for instance, but there is nothing familiar like in the “forums” forums, which I used for 20+ years. Is this the new trend of the day – scrapping everything convenient and useful, and replacing it with god-knows-what as long as it looks smartphony enough?
    What a sad state of affairs.
    I realize that the old forums got hacked systematically due to a poor quality captcha, but plopping a proper captcha onto the old forum was way less destructive, than this horrendous new UI. I have experience hardening PHPBB and other forum platforms, and offered help about a decade ago, but no one listened. Now we have this cute but useless WordPress or whatever. Congrats!

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    It was my intention to standardize the forum with the rest of the site and so I used this implementation available as a WordPress plugin. I did not believe the current implementation of the bulletin board was so little appreciated. I’m sorry for the fact.


    So back to the original question: how do you search in the forums?
    I enter terms which are guaranteed to be mentioned, like ‘voip’, ‘eth00’, ‘vpn’ and always get No Results.
    Appreciating this is very hard indeed.


    The way to search is by clicking on the forums link and then clicking forums on the breadcrum. This is the link to the search area

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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