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    I have a static external iP provided by my ISP.
    Zeroshell does the PPPOE.
    My ISP also routes a /26 public address range to me. It is not related to the static ip he has allocated me.

    I have three interfaces eht00 – eth02
    Eth00 – LAN dhcp, nat etc.
    Eth01 – public address servers on a /26 public subnet
    Eth02 – PPPOE (ISP routes the /26 address range to it)

    The servers on the /26 network have public address within the /26 range and provide specific services – domino, www etc. to the outside world.

    What gateway address do I give the servers?

    What else do I need to set up to make this /26 network be visible to the outside world?

    I feel as thick as two planks when it comes to this – I just can’t see what I am missing…..any help would be appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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