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    Every time DST kicks in, the machines on the network still use old time.

    I go into the time settings in ZS and the system time is always correct.
    Previously I rebooted ZS box and the network machines picked up new time shortly.

    This time I simply hit Change, then Save and the same thing happened without reboot.

    So it looks like NTP daemon is oblivious to the fact that DST kicked in and keeps serving old time until ZS is rebooted or time is saved.


    At least on a VM running 3.3.2 set for the America/Chicago time zone (UTC -6), DST changes occur when they’re supposed to.

    Different cities in the time zone list will have different DST rules. America/Winnipeg changes to DST following American DST rules, but America/Regina does not since the Province of Saskatchewan doesn’t use DST (they sit right on top of a natural time zone boundary, making DST not worth the energy savings).

    On a VM you’ll also want to make sure the VM host doesn’t change the CMOS clock under the feet of the guest OS. In VMware this involves hacking a few lines into the VM’s config file.

    In a side note, I imagine many Winnipeg and Regina residents would be appalled to be lumped in together with Americans. :-p


    I am in Toronto. Our EST is pretty much standard.
    It changes to/from DST just fine, but does not serve new time to the LAN NTP clients, that’s the problem.


    Another DST change occurred, and again the firewall rules were applied at the “old” time. πŸ™

    It looks like NTP server now serves correct time to the LAN NTP clients. πŸ˜€

    Refreshing NTP or applying new time did not help. πŸ™

    Only the cold reboot of the box applied the FW rules at correct time. πŸ˜•

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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