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    I’ve been running ZS for about a year, on my desktop I run two STG instances graphing the internet traffic on my two DSL connections. I often notice that ZS does not utilize both connections very efficiently. Because of logistical reasons, I have the following setup. Each DSL connection is managed by a dd-wrt router and then those two routers are connected to ZS. From there I have a long distance wireless link to my main network’s router/gateway. There are thousands of active connections (several farm yards with a few computers each) but from ZS’s perspective, they all come from one IP (my main gateway)

    DSL->dd-wrt router

    Zeroshell->wireless bridge->main gateway->(many devices & computers)
    DSL->dd-wrt router/

    So if I start a download on my computer which maxes out one of the DSL connections, and start a 2nd download, often ZS will route both to the same WAN connection while the other WAN connection is mostly idle. Are there any tweaks (even via the cli) I can do to load balance more based on bandwidth usage? My Xincom load-balancing routers have the option to LB based on bytes, packets, sessions or IPs.


    Have you played around with the Weight? You didn’t mention it in the post.

    What exactly do you mean by “not efficiently”? It seems like you might have some numbers or some graphs to show. If you do, please do. ZS doesn’t know when initiating a connection which connection is going to be big, and which is going to be small. So it might send a bunch of long downloads from the same connection. While true that in the long run, this should even out, depending on the resolution of the data you are looking at, some variation is to be expected.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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