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    OK first off lets get the formalities out of the way. I want to use ZS as my main router for my business. I also have a /22 block of public IP’s from my provider 8.31.x.x/22 that are routed to the wan IP of their equipment. I also am running a small wisp.
    Here is what I require. Maybe someone can help my configure it or tell me it can’t be done that way. and if you can thank you.

    I need to give out public IP to each customer. My billing company Bandwidth management unit will not pass out publics unless they are routed to the WAN interface of the BMU. In my current setup this is accomplished by simply plugging the WAN into my Providers equipment. But the fun stops there. I need to reserve say 25 of those 1000+ IP’s for my webservers, pbx, etc. how would I breakup that /22 and still have the rest of those IP’s routed to WAN port of that BMU?

    I am thinking that I want my network to look something like this

    >Company PC’s (private IP’s)

    >internal stuff (Public IP’s)
    —->Billing Company BMU

    >wireless gear (Public IP’s)

    Now would I setup a ZS box with 4 NIC’s 1 WAN 1 Lan and 2 OPT?

    How would I go about getting the IP’s routed the correct way?

    Any and all help is appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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