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    hallo all
    I’m having problems with my university connection..
    we have a 2mbit hdsl and 450 students (!) though the actual concurrent connections are more or less 100

    as you can imagine web navigation in some hours of the day is nearly impossible…even though looking at network statistics of the provider the bandwidth isn’t full

    the network in configured this way

    internet router
    |_________VOIP phones
    pix firewall
    bridged zeroshell
    cisco 3750 switch with 4 vlan configured
    wireless and ethernet clients

    now…i’d like to partition the bandwidth…for example 1mbit to the wireless vlan and 1mbit to the others

    then giving priority to web traffic over skype/p2p/etc.

    (tried with l7 filters to block p2p but with not much success, tried also to block skype but it seems that using l7 filters for that it will stop also web traffic)

    what’s the best way to accomplish this?
    is there a way to stop having people claiming that “internet doesn’t work”? 🙂

    thanks for any support..


    Actually you can do what you want. First classify traffic according to the vlan and whether it is real time high priority traffic or bulk. Then with the class manager assign the bandwidth you wish for each class. Finally assign it on an interface. My suggestion is to classify traffic according to incoming interface, which should be a subinterface.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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