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    Over the last few month I have many issues with my PC refreshing some web pages like amazon. com fr de and a few other sites.
    Initially I thought it was a problem with firefox.
    Recently we started to evaluate netflix and it never worked form my wired network but fine from my 3g connection. After many test I have been able to isolate that the problem is realated to the proxy. When I disable the proxy everyting works just fine. when I enable it things start to fall appart.

    Any ideas on why this may be happening ?


    I had the same issue but only when using a streaming device. Netflix works fine on my PCs. But when I use a streaming device like a Wii, Roku, etc.

    Netflix uses weird Headers for their pages and causes the proxy to malfunction and not work.

    What I did was exclude the streaming device from the proxy. Add it on the main Proxy page with the plus button. If you do not know the IP address of the device odds are good you can get it from the DHCP page under leases.

    Once you exclude it Netflix should work with no issue with the streaming device. I actually setup a small range of IP address’s for example Then I static configure my streaming devices in this range so I do not have to setup an exception each time.

    I also do this so I can enable QoS on the range and guarantee bandwidth to prevent any excessive buffering incase my connection is busy.

    For you other programs, if you use the Windows Platform, there is a program called WireShark. When you load the program have WireShark collect the packets and see which ones fail and if you need to exclude these specific IP Address’s from the proxy so it can pass thru to your Computer with no issue.

    If you do not want it Network wide but for a specific device. Just set the destination IP Address and only that device will get unfiltered access to that specific IP.

    Good Luck 🙂



    HI same issue,… Netflix didnt work over Trasparent proxy,…

    My environment
    3 GateWays on Eth01 all in the same Network range ( )
    Net Balancer enabled
    20 different Vlan on Eth00 -
    All of them have his own DHCP Range (default settings)
    Firewall chain is set to FORWARD (only block p2p protocols but has no effect)
    HTTP Proxy is enabled with HAVP (Antivirus)

    My Problem:
    If I enable capture on ETH00 vlan ….. (in my Case 114
    Netflix load only 25% of every movie but only on PS3 or Samsung devices
    On PC’s in the same Range Netflix is working…

    FW Connectons Tracking
    tcp 6 35995 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=49974 dport=5223 packets=55 bytes=5615 src= dst= sport=5223 dport=49974 packets=53 bytes=7522 [ASSURED] mark=100 use=1

    Proxy Log:
    All Connections like this:
    19:49:14 GET 200 334+7852 OK

    Any Ideas?

    A Solution could also to make a exception of all the neflix devices,… but I didn’t prefer this way…have someone a different way?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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