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    I’m trying to setup an old PC with zeroshell to replace my gateway router. I would like to have the zeroshell box connect as a DHCP client to my ISP, and act as a DHCP server for a wired connections and as an access point for wireless connections, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.

    Currently, I have a retail router acting as a DHCP client from my ISP and a DHCP server for my wired connections, and I have no wireless access point. While experimenting with Zeroshell, I have the zeroshell box setup as a DHCP client of my current router and one of my systems hooked up, via switch to the zeroshell box.

    I have 3 network adapters, two wired, ETH0 & ETH1 and a wireless adapter ETH2. ETH0 is connected to the router, and eventually directly to the ISP Cable modem when all is done. ETH1 should be connected via switch to all my other wired computers and act as a DHCP server , while ETH2 should act as a wireless access point but serve from the same pool of DHCP addresses as ETH1. The intent here is to have local wired and wireless devices able to connect to as though they were all wired (on the same network). Is this possible or am I going about this all wrong?



    i just finished a setup like this

    eth0 is LAN
    eth1 and eth2 are load balacing WANs (use NAT here)
    eth3 is the wireless AP use for the ip

    read this carefully


    Thanks Eliminator, but I think I need a more complete walk through. I have suceeded in giveing ETH02 (the wireless interface) an IP and making it a DHCP server, OR ETH01 (the LAN connection) a DHCP server, but when I bridge them with ETH0 everything stops working.


    dont bridge

    just define two address pools for 182/168.0.1/24 network
    read my post “access point” and read the link carefully


    Thanks e1iminator, I setup ETH0 as a DHCP client, created an IP address of on ETH1 and created a DHCP server on that subnet, and then created an IP of on ETH2 and created a DHCP server on that subnet and presto! success.

    Now, I have no idea WHY this works, its outside my specialty. I thought the bridging was needed or the different interfaces wouldn’t talk to each other.

    Now, lets say I have two desktops connected via a switch to ETH01. I would expect that both computers can locate each other and share files like on a local network. Will this also be true with a notebook connected to ETH02 and a desktop on ETH01?

    Thanks again


    i did the same this weekend.

    LAN eth0 DHCP – or so
    wifi eth3 DHCP – or so

    both LAN amd wifi are on the same network so they should see eachother

    WAN gets ip by DHCP and gteway is or so


    sorry for the delay, but another computer broke and had to be replaced.

    e1iminator, I’m confused by this last post. When I try to set up eth1&eth0 with and respectively, it reports they overlap. and don’t. Which is correct?



    set wan1 and wan2 to get ip by dhcp from their respective routers

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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