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    I’m new to ZeroShell.
    Recently just configured LAN-to-LAN VPN between branch and main office.

    Just wondering, any possible to tunnel all traffics (include public internet traffics) from branch to HQ network?

    I managed to bring up the tunnel between site specifics traffics (branch network to main office network vise versa) but public internet traffics will be off/split tunnel at ZS2 to internet…..

    Base Topology:
    (Main) Server => ZS1 => Internet <= ZS2 <= PC (Branch) LAN-to-LAN VPN Tunnel:
    (Main) Server <=> ZS1 <=VPN=> ZS2 <=> PC (Branch)

    Desire internet traffic flow for branch:
    (Branch) PC => ZS2 <==VPN==> ZS1 (Main) => Internet


    You could achieve the goal by bridging the VPN with the ETHxx, and use as default gateway the ip address of the remote bridge, but , in this case , if for some reasons the internet of the main office goes down, the branch office’s clients, won’t be able to reach the internet as well,… second solution, could be … enable the net-balancer, give an high weight(16) to the real default gateway , and as second gateway (1), use the inner ip address of the vpn in the main office, NAT on the VPN00 (*) of the branch office, and a balancing rule to force the clients to use, as target-gateway, the ip address of the main office’s vpn……of course, never tried 🙂
    (*) The NAT is for simplify the job, obviously you can also leave the packets as they are, and play with static routes.


    Hi, Redfive,

    Thanks for reply.
    I had tried both suggestion, but failed.
    The VPN is UP. I had assigned IP (same subnet) to ZS VPN00 interface to both site.
    At branch office, create Bridge00 to bind VPN00 and ETH00.
    At HQ/main site, create Bridge00 to bind VPN00 and ETH02.

    When perform Check IP, ZS (both site) can ARP/PING to local site IP and remote ZS VPN00 IP.
    From branch site ZS, cannot ARP/PING to any IPs/Devices behind HQ/Main site ETH02, but can ARP/PING VPN00 IP.
    From HQ/Main site ZS, cannot ARP/PING to any IPs/Devices behind Branch site ETH00, but can ARP/PING VPN00 IP.

    Not sure what others else I had miss.

    I had also tried below method, failed too.

    Any others idea?



    Could you explain in detail how the network topology has been developed ?
    Eg, are both ZS the default gateways for the clients of the HQ and branch networks ?
    Or there are other routers which perform this job, with some port-forwarding to the ZS machines and the ZS is a “simply” client of the existing networks ?


    Just tried, on the fly, but in real topology:

    ZS-A , vpn server, connected to the internet via usb dongle (pppp0) , ETH00, VPN00 inner address

    ZS-B, vpn client , connected to the internet (but behind a fw), ETH00, ETH00.12, ETH00.13, ETH00.14 , VPN00 inner address

    On ZS-A , a static-route, via

    On ZS-B , enabled the net-balancer, (LBFO) , as primary gateway the real default-gateway (weight 32), as ‘secondary’ gateway (weight 1) the ip address of the remote vpn peer,, then , in balancing rules, one rule , s.ip, target gateway There is L3 visibilty among all private networks, and the clients of ZS-B are surfing the web via ZS-A.
    tracert to google.com from a client of the network

    C:WindowsSystem32>tracert google.com

    Traccia instradamento verso google.com []
    su un massimo di 30 punti di passaggio:

    1 2 ms 1 ms 2 ms
    2 166 ms 147 ms 144 ms
    3 292 ms 325 ms 375 ms
    4 217 ms 195 ms 195 ms ^C

    Is enough playing a bit with static routes and, if needed, with some nat rules (for the clients which may belong to the network between Zs and the other fw) for obtain the result.

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