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    > I am not proficient in network configuration, but I have to set up an
    > access point in a public place for my client.
    > I already wasted hours trying to understand where to set in Zeroshell
    > the attachement of the small wifi ROUTER WDT54GL which was reflashed
    > with the mini dd-wrt.v2-12548-NEWD-mini, to provide captive portal and
    > access control
    > Zeroshell 3.0 is running on a stand alone PC with 2 ethernet cards ETH00
    > AMD and ETH01 connected to the WRT54GL in one of the LAN
    > port, not the WAN port.
    > I have internet across a modem router interfacing with the ISP on cable
    > and on the other side the switch on which is connected the PC, by ETH00
    > with Zeroshell running .
    > I have the ISP modem router with the adress which is in the
    > same submask as ETH00, and in Zeroshell I set it as default gateway state up
    > I set captive portal on the ETH01 where is connected the WRT54GL wifi
    > router and tick the box GW active on ETH1
    > and now I am stuck, I cannot figure out what I have to configure now.
    > shoudl I, in the router menu, add a second static route ( the one
    > present is the default gateway with net mask as a
    > gateway or as an interface ? Interface option does not let me select
    > ETH01, or am I mixing up hardware and tomtom like instructions?.
    > I did search and read many tutorials on the internet but the only one
    > with close description was made on zeroshell 1.0 and the option “access
    > point” in the navigation bar does not exist on Zeroshell 3.0,
    > I did try to search how to create an SSID and link it to the wifi router
    > WRT54GL on ETH01 but I could not find how and in which menu and I am
    > totally lost.
    > would you mind tip me on how to configure the external AP on WRT54GL,
    > and then how to get the radius on the ZEROSHELL machine configured to
    > exchange the certificates with the DD-WRT54GL wifi router. I am feeling
    > very stupid as most of the ethernet concept looks strange for me
    > Thank-you for your time
    > jp caytan

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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