Types of SSL Certificate Available for Website Authenticity

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    It is not necessary to secure information if your website doesn’t allow any kind of interaction to the user. This is rare to find because almost every website built these days allows exchange information in order to commence a profitable or a non-profitable transaction. The information is of a much higher value and needs to be protected, which is done by a SSL certificate. It is a certificate that provides network security to various kinds of websites, particularly ecommerce.

    There are various types of SSL certificate that have been developed to support versatile functions for different users. Wildcard SSL, free SSL, shared SSL, dedicated SSL, etc. are some of the types that have different benefits to offer. While a dedicated SSL can be used by a single domain, shared SSLs can be used by diverse websites that function through a common web address. The wildcard SSL is for websites that hold sub-domains and the free ones can be relatively used by anyone. There is also a level of threat imposed to the free ones. The higher the cost of the certificate, the securer it is.

    SSL client certificates thereby vary from one to another depending on the type of clients that is going to use it. It is one of the best tools to authenticate your website and make sure that your users are provided the complete security and protection for the information they share. It depends on the user to choose the type of certificate for the website so that the security protocol can be installed and the sharing becomes secured.

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