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    I was really hoping when I installed the latest ZS upgrade 3.5.0 with kernel 4.1.19 that it would come with an upgraded e1000e device driver. This driver has been broken for me since it went to version 2.3.2-k. Unfortunately, this release has the same broken version in it that doesn’t work reliably with the 82579V chipset on my motherboard. So, I can only use the ethernet ports on plug in cards.

    Is there a HOW TO anywhere that would detail how to install a later version of this (or I guess any) device driver in ZeroShell that would work with a HDD based installation. I presume it’s a process I would have to repeat every time a new release comes out until a recent enough version of e1000e makes it into a new release.

    The 2.3.2-k version of e1000e was released in 2013. Surely we should be on to something more current by now? It’s particularly confusing since back on ZS version 3.2.1 the e1000e version was which was built over a year later than the buggy one we have now. How is it we went backwards?

    Fulvio, is there any way we could get a newer version of e1000e rolled into the next kernel update?


    Many thanks for kernel 4.4.9.
    It solves this problem!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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