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    Hello all….

    When we first tested ZS, we were using some real old HP hardware with usb Cisco/Linsys ethernet adapters. They came up as generic…but they worked great.

    Now we have moved to a smaller, newer asus unit, and here’s what happens.

    We boot from a flash card…and the USB nic never shows up…yet the onboard NIC shows fine. On the USB nic itself…no link lights. If I unplug the nic from the back of the machine, and plug it back in…the link lights come on…but ZS does not see it in the GUI.

    Since I’m not sure the flavor of linux…how does one get this to refresh so the USB NIC is seen and can this be done in one of the startup scripts so we don’t need to do it afterward?




    Check if there is something to be configured on the BIOS.
    After the ZS is booted check in a shell if the network interface has been recognized.


    then check if the corresponding module is loaded.


    then check if the interface is working

    ifconfig -a

    If you cannot find something

    dmesg | grep ETH

    might prove helpful for locating your device name.


    Well…we run the lsusb and we see the device at 0b95:7720 (we know this because if we remove it…and rerun lsusb…it is missing)

    I look that up and it actually turns out to be

    vendor: 0b95 (“ASIX Electronics Corp.”), product: 7720 (“AX88772”)

    LSMOD however shows nothing about the usb ehternet device nor asix.

    I do a search on the ZS box and I find in /cdrom/modules/ but I’m not sure how to load it..and more importantly…how to get it to auto load each time.

    ifconfig comes back with the info about the onboard nic, the dummy1 conncetion, and the built in VPN connection…but no USB (because there is no mod loaded for it I would assume.)

    The GREP command comes back with info only about eth00…specifically r8169 : ETH00: link up.

    So…what does one need to do to get the module to load for this usb nic?

    All help is greatly appreciated.



    Probably the kernel is too old, or the drivers are missing, look for wich module is using in any ordinary linux distribution. i.e. (doing an lsmod should help too)
    Once you’ve got the module name, look for it in zeroshell it should be in /lib/usb or /lib/net


    Well…we found the asix.ko in cdrom/modules/

    if I manually do an insmod cdrom/modules/

    and then an ifconfig -a…a new connection called eth0 shows up…and the mac address matches the device.

    but if I hit freresh in the web gui…I see no network interface of eth0.

    So…my question is this…

    1. Why would it not show up in the web gui?
    2. what do I need to do to make sure this asix.ko actually loads each time?

    I’m so close…I can taste it!!

    THanks for everyone’s help to this point!!


    modprobe asix

    I was not able to find where to add it exactly to make sure it is loaded upon boot. Maybe you could try in


    Please forgive my sheer ignorance in these matters.

    I guess before I try to get it to load every time, I need to know how to get it to show up in the gui. The ifconfig shows the adapter, yet the web console will not show it. I notice the naming of the primary connection in the console is ETH00, and this new one shows up as eth0…possibly a conflict?

    If anyone knows where to name this connection and how to refresh it in the gui, I would be greatly appreciative.




    I guess that the interface MUST exist before the gui is started, so you should make sure the module is loaded along with the other interfaces’ modules.


    It wasn’t clear that this was resolved, but I’ve written a howto for this here:

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