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    Hello Guys

    I have deployed Zeroshell in our staff accomodation. Mgmt decided to give 4GB download limit to every user. I created users like that with that kind of accounting attached, but my issue is every month i have to go and create users to give one more month. Is there any way that can auto renew after one month or 30 Days or is there any was that manually renew the downloading quota or expiring day. Or please advice me the best scenario for me. is there any way to create user name and passoword lumsum. so that i can make it and keep it with me in case of emergency.

    Please help me on this. If this and P2P Block works, Guys Zeroshell is the best you will get in these kind of softwares.

    Thanks a lot in advance. and Thanks a lot to Zeroshell team for providing us with this superb software.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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