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    I setup ZeroShell to act as a router between my cable modem and my LAN.
    However most of the information i have seen people are connecting a DSL router to their ZeroShell. So they set their WAN port to use and then set the Gateway for ZeroShell to be Is there something similar to this that i have to do with a cable modem? I have it working but i want to make sure I’m not missing something as i have not set an IP for Gateway and have no static routes setup.

    I did the following:

    -set eth00 to and connected to LAN switch.
    -set eth01to get DHCP from my cable modem.
    -activated NAT on eth01
    -setup DHCP to give out as default gateway and DNS server.

    After that everything everything is working but could it be a problem having my WAN port using DHCP instead of a static?


    i think that u did well. ur gateway (zeroshell) usually will be given the instead of ip on the lan side, that just a common agreement to make things easy.
    On the cable modem subject: My cable internet provider ( UPC) requires me to register my MAC address with them, after that they know its me and give me the full speed on the line. Maybe yours does to. I dont know if zeroshel can spoof a MAC address, if not just call ur ISP and ask them if they require it and if so give them the new MAC address. If its the case, there is usually in your manual of the cable modem a line that says go to this or that website and enter your details. DHCP is how my gateway gets an address from my cable modem.

    Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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