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    I have been using ZEroshell for quiet some time and I am very happy.

    I am now trying to open an FTP site which I could reach from the outside.
    I added the virtual FTP server ip.

    The strange thing is as soon as I enable this virtual server I can no longer connect to any remote FTP website. If I remove the virtual server entry it works just fine.
    Any suggestion on why this may be the case.

    When I try to connect from the outside the connection to the server works but it fails on the directory listing which i assume is more of an issue with the server.

    Any suggestions are more than welcome I no longer know what I should try to change


    Hi alpha_wall, looks like you enabled the virtual server declaring ‘any’ as input interface, then each incoming ftp connection, from any interface, is forwarded to your ftp server. If so, try by declaring, in the virtual server rule, the wan interface as input interface.


    redfive thanks you nailed it. My issues is fixed. Thanks so much

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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