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    I have been running ZeroShell for years. As a result, over time I have made numerous edits to the Virtual Server table. The problem I ran into is that new edits were not being added correctly to the table. Actually, clicking on the “View” button showed, that the new entries had been added to the kernel’s “Port Forwarding and Source NAT (PAT)” table. But, the GUI interface was not updating properly.

    I found the folder /Database/var/register/system/net/router/PAT where all the table entries appear to be stored in numbered subdirectories. There appears to be an index number that increments each time a new entry is added, and a folder with that number is created to store the data. I saw the most recent directory is named “100”. I’m thinking something bad happened when the directory name went from 2 to 3 characters. Also, the data from this folder was being displayed first, even though it should be the oldest entry. This also suggests it is being treated as “10” instead of “100”

    I am running 3.8.2. So, conceivably this is not an issue in 3.9.0.

    I was able to workaround the problem by simply renaming all the directories to lower 2-digit names. I wasn’t really expecting this would work, but it appears that it has. But, the bug is still waiting to bite me next time the count reaches 100.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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