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    Just started with zerotruth … to ease user creation for usage with the captive portal but also for 802.1x access to network.

    I need to assign different VLANs to users. Some internal users will be placed in the(ir) apprpriate internal VLAN (assigned via zeroshell radius and .1x), guests “hit” the captive portal via guest VLAN.

    When I create a new user with zerotruth, I cannot assign a VLAN. So I see this user in the zeroshell “user” interface with VLAN not set. Is there any chance to set VLAN at user creation inzerotruth (maybe I missed something). This would give me the chance to also administer internal accounts via zerotruth. .. Therefore it only would ease up my life, but may be there are more people looking for it 😉

    I use the zeroshell radius.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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