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    Hello all: I have a need to tunnel several VLAN’s between 2 Zeroshell using 1.0Beta11.

    I have a Lan-2-lan VPN up and I can access the remote location as a test. The following is the test environment:

    LAN1 ( ===(Zeroshell)(Zeroshell)===LAN2 (

    the switch ports that the Zeroshell Internal interface is connected to is setup to send Vlan Tagg information (similar to Cisco Trunked interfaces). This is a HP procurve, so they don’t use the Trunk terminology. HP just taggs VLAN # on each port that needs to see the 802.1q taggs.

    I am needing to have the following VLAN Tags carried between each location. (essentially bridging each VLAN between the VPN00)
    VLAN 10
    VLAN 20
    VLAN 30

    My question is: I notice that every interface (including the VPN interface) gives the user the ability to create VLANs. Do I creat the VLANs on both my Internal Interfaces and the VPN00 interface?

    Thanks in advance for any direction.



    ps.. this is my first weekend with Zeroshell.. and this is Awesome. Bravo! Fulvio!!


    (If my understanding is correct…)

    The internal interface should have vlans 10,20,30 enabled definitely.
    Now you should have 3 VPNs one for each VLAN that is enabled, you cannot pass dot1q information over vpn.


    Base on this link: http://www.zeroshell.net/eng/faq/network/#net.faq8 I am interpreting that it does support VLAN tunneling?

    Please correct me.



    Yes, you can tag a VPN LAN-2-LAN with 802.1q VLAN trunking protocol. This methos is better that using 3 separated VPN (1 for each VLAN) because has less overhead.



    Will I also need to create the VLAN on the ETH00? I assume that it is needed to maintain the VLAN information from the Switch through the ETH00 and passing it to the VPN00 interface.

    Thanks for the quick help.



    If you create the bridge interface BRIDGE00(ETH00,VPN00) you just need to create the VLAN on BRIDGE00. The tags are automatically appended to ETH00 and VPN00.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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