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    ❗ Just a quick note for all. ❗

    I found that in the VM images there is a problem with the images. If you go to the Profile page and try to make a partition it will show a error.

    The problem is in a VM image you need to setup Linux in the custom settings and choose IDE instead of SCSI. it is a known bug in VMware and from what i understand is they don’t plan on fixing it anytime soon. It’s been this way for many years.

    The easiest way to set it up is

    1. A new virtual machine
    2. Custom settings
    3. New workstation
    4. Linux (other Linux 2.6.x kernel)
    5. Set your vm name
    6. Default what you want until you get to
    7. virtual disk type and select IDE this is where the problem is.
    8. Default the rest

    After that you should be up and running.

    Unfortunately there isn’t a quick fix for the ones that are for download. You will have to make a new VM with the settings I put above. I know that they are being worked on and should be fixed in the future.


    I will fix this in the next days.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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