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    Hi guys I need help with setting up this stuff, if its even possible in the first place.

    First my hardware spaces:
    Vista, 2x NICs, 1 modem/router, 2x 20Mbit sessions called from the same modem, vmware player.

    First of all. I would like to get load balance on the same computer so I would not need to run another computer infront of this one and thats why I’m looking at Vmware right now. I know I would need to run one version of Vmware always to arhive 2x20Mbit cconnection and I dont even know if 2 nics are ok or would i need even more. Anyway.
    I also can call 2 PPPOE sessions to my ISP in which case I get 2 external dynamic IPs and 2 x 20/20Mbit full speed. Used mainly for 2 computers but I want both speeds on one. I also can call one PPPOE from my computer and run one throu the modem itself. This is ideal sicne the modem can also share the wireless link to my other laptop on the one 20Mbit which is setup in it.

    Now when people ask about this sort of stuff, they usually have 2 seperated ISP providers with 2 WAN ports and different getways I guess. I dont since all is done on the same ISP with the same hardware basically.

    Now if this is even possible. How would I connect my modem to this computer and how would I need to cinfigure the Vmware network devices.
    The modem itself has 4 lan ports. At the moment I use 3 of them for data transfers and 1 for IPTV broadcast which is linked to a 8 port switch.

    I looked at other possible solutions for windows itself but havent found anything as simple as installing some software on Vista and off you go.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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