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    Is it possible to install VMware tools inZeroShell.
    We have found that there is a VMware appliance ready to download from ZeroShell site but it doesn’t contain VMware Tools.
    It is not very convenient to use this image on a production i.e. VC/VI/ESX 3.5.
    I suppose that without unionfs or squashfs it is not possible to install vmware tools inside ZeroShell the only way is to prepare a new CD image.
    Are you planning to support VMware tools for future releases?
    VMware probably provide open source drivers.



    You may be interested in the open-vm-tools project:

    I compiled these tools in other environments, and I expect it would be possible to compile them for Zeroshell. However, it may not be easy, and I do not have the resources to carry that banner. In the short term, it should be possible to compile the vmxnet driver for the kernel which Zeroshell uses. This is really the only aspect of the tools that Zeroshell would utilize. In my case, I compiled the vmxnet module for RHEL 4.4 in order to put it on a kickstart disc for network installations via http within a VM. Using just the driver gave me the performance I needed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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