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    I must be missing something 8)

    I’ve set up NetBalancer and VPN (Host to Lan (L2TP-IPsec – NOT OpenVPN).

    All other settings are pretty basic.
    Clients that connect use ShrewSoft VPN and static IPs different from local IPs.

    Local ip:
    VPN ip:

    Although I’ve set up NetBalancer Rule in which local PC where clients connect (Terminal Server) is supposed to go trough specific GTW (let’s say GTW1) TS-PC sometimes goes trough GTW2!!!???

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    I’m not sure if I’m missing something in this post. The netbalancer is basically a load balancing algorithm to determine how much traffic to send over multiple uplinks.
    It uses weights, latency and other user defined preferences to make the decision which uplink to send traffic out.

    From your post it sounds to me like the netbalancer is working probably.

    How exactly did you intend for it to work? Maybe there was some confusion on how to implement it.



    I have two sources of internet let’s say A link and B link.

    On A link I have static IP and this is the IP that VPN clients target when making VPN connections.
    VPN tunnel is always active and it doesn’t break in another words it works.

    But VPN clients have problem accessing internal network because internal PC’s are affected (routed trough A or B link) by NetBalancer.
    I used [NetBalancer][Balancing Rules] and made one PC with Terminal Server go through A link so clients should’t have any problems connecting to this PC but they do.
    From the log I can see that this PC is still affected by NetBalancer although i have set up Balancing Rule.
    So the problem is that clients lose connection.

    Hope this clears up what is my problem.

    Thanks for the reply.


    “because internal PC’s are affected (routed trough A or B link) by NetBalancer.”

    This is the nature of netbalancer/load balancing. Your LAN will utilize both of your ISP connections based on the metrics you configured for netbalancer.

    It seems that your LAN is experiencing undesired routing because of netbalancer and your vpn clients are experiencing intermittent access to LAN resources because netbalancer is enabled. Disable it temporarily and test your implementation for the desired outcome.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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