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    hi every body,

    i have some problems using openvpn.

    first i have set up a VPN on a FW which works fine but one day without i may understand it doesn’t work.??

    ok i decided to use my second fw to mount a openvpn connection.
    it ran ok, but this time the connection is unstable And i can’t reach the network i need to work with…

    here’s my setup:
    – Eth00 : lan
    – Eth01 :wan
    – Gateway:
    – Vpn00
    – openvpn vpn99:

    from the VPN00(lan to lan) i can reach the
    and i need to reach this same network with the openvpn…

    eth00 and eth01 are bridged, otherwise the VPN00 can’t reach the network.

    i don’t understand.

    can someone help me?



    Your message is confusing. You say that you have bridged a lan and a wan interface, which is not advised. You have a gateway IP in a subnet in which you do not have an interface.
    Please make a drawing or attach a picture of the network in order to help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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