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    I can’t seem to find anything to do what I need reliably. I have 3 locations 1 containing a few critical servers. All 3 locations connect via VPN. The cost for frame or t1 is too much for the business to bear but the uptime is critical.
    I currently have 1 adsl (static 1.5/768) and 1 cable (Dyn 30/2) at each location.
    I need a way to make sure that if one link from the remote location to the server location fails the other will immediatly pick up the load. I have tried a couple of solutions, none of which have worked reliably.
    I tried 3 Linksys RV082 devices which claim to have VPN backup functionality. It did work on a couple of occasions but the tunnels themselves are less then reliable. I have also tried Hotbrick devices which worked great for a few days then locked requiring a reboot. The UI also proved to be a little squirrelly.
    I was wondering if something like zeroshell could do the trick or maybe some other suggestions.
    I am currently looking into pfSense to see if the Carp feature maybe a soution.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


    Using Zeroshell you can create a lan-to-lan VPN for each WAN link you have and then you can create a BOND virtual interface configured in Fault Tolerance or Load Balancing. In both the cases, if one of the VPNs goes down the traffic is automatically re-routed on the other ones. If you use the load balancing configuration you can increase the throughput of the virtual site-to-site connection proportionally to the number of yours WAN links.
    For more information look at


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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