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    Hi All,

    I am looking for some other people’s experience with regard to the performance of bonding adsl lines with vpn’s.

    I have 2 ADSL Max lines (in the UK) each transfer 7Mb/s down and 800Kb/s up. I have tested each line individually and both at the same time (without bonding) and I can get these speeds all day long.

    I also have a server in a datacenter with a 1Gb/s connection and have zeroshell running within VMware on that box.

    When I create the 2 VPN’s and then bond them, all is ok. I can transer data up and down the bond with no problem. If I unplug router 1, the bond stays up with no problem. Plugging router 1 back in and unplugging router 2 does the same so the redundancy part is working fine.

    The problem is that the performance of the bonded connection is really bad. A downstream FTP from the server gives roughly 4.5Mb/s rather that the 14Mb/s I was expecting. Also, the upstream gives roughly 1Mb/s rather than the 1.6Mb/s I was hoping for.

    I have looked at the counters and can see that data is indeed going up and down both lines evenly, just no where near as quick as I thought it should.

    Can anyone out there test the speed of their bonded connections (preferably in the uk, but not needed) and let me know of any issues you may have had?

    Cheers in advance.



    thank you for your post. I want to do exactly the same with my two internet connections. Up today I had just a 20.000MBit ADSL2+ connection, but now I got 32.000MBit Cable. So now I want to link both connection together to a “virtual” line of about 47.000 – 50.000MBit.
    Well, on one side I have the zeroshell box with 3 Ethernet interfaces (ETH0 = LAN, ETH1=ADSL2+, ETH2=Cable) and on the other side I have a high end machine in the datacenter with two public IP Addresses running openVPN. Now I create some static routes to connect through different ISP to the openVPN Server. Now I have tap0 and tap1 interfaces on my zeroshell box and bond it together to a new bond0 interface.
    But in the next step I need a little bit of help. I have only tap0 on my data center server. There I cannot bond the tap devices together to a bond0. So what do I have to do? Can you please give me a hint?


    you have to create a bond on both sides, without this it does not work.
    look in other threads about bonding, its described how to do it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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