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    Hello together,

    I am trying to setup some Internet/VPN Tunnel whatever bonding on 2 zeroshell boxes.

    I did almost everything like in this tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIeXAqdbpzI (although its really difficult to understand)

    But some points make me crazy and I never got the result I expected yet:

    1) I setup a VPN line for every Internet connection I have (seperate NICs/seperate subnets etc) and that is all okay, both of my tunnels are connected successfully and stable. They connect to another zeroshell box at a ISP (For only getting one outside IP while surfing)
    2) I bond the VPN lines together with the built in “create bonding interface” function and give this interface “BOND01” a IP that is in another subnet than my real NICs (it won´t let me give it an IP within the subnet)
    3) I allow NAT for the bonding interface and the ETH00/ETH01 devices
    4) I want to add the BOND01 interface to my netbalancer gateway list aaaaaand… It can´t connect to it.
    Of course not, I run in circles here:
    I enter the gateway “BOND01” like “” but the NICs have IP Adresses like “192168.1.1 and” so the gateway is not within a reachable subet and it can´t connect to “itself” or the entered gateway.

    In the tutorial the guy adds this gateway as “disabled” and makes some netbalancer rules that only port 80 and 443 outgoing is using this bonded gateway (because he doesn´t want to he says) but I would want that.
    He “hacks” this by a new ip rule, but I also think if I´m doing the same, it would not connect either, because its in another subnet.

    Did I create some mess in my head there or what am I doing wrong?

    I would appreciate any help or any link to a really working tutorial of this on zeroshell.

    Very much thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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