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    I will try to be clear and got to essential

    I have made with help of the tutorial presente on the zeroshell website
    ( source :Using many ADSL connection with ZeroShell and bond interface (French) by Geoffrey Jarassier )

    It’s works very well!

    but in my idea was i thinking, Bonding of WAN1(10Mb/s)+WAN2(30Mb/s)=40Mb/s Internet conection

    in the fact i’ve got WAN1+WAN2=nice shaped 10Mb/s Internet. For get more far when i check Connection,statistic i’ve got 5 Mb/s on WAN1 + 5Mb/s on WAN2….. Wired,no ?

    so my network works well with only WAN2 active.

    what is the botelneck (power of my two zerobox) or it’s normal to get the speed of th slowest acces ?

    you help will be wellcom for under stand if is’t normal of whatelse?



    Bonding is only for aggregating a VPN-Tunnel … you can become 40 MBit Internet only if you are able to connect your Bond to another Side, that has 40 Mbit (or more) Bandwidth to the Internet.

    And if you are Using ZeroShell you MUST have 2 Lines with the same speed (round robin) or you will end up with the speed of the slowest Line ( * 2 ).

    If you have no access to a 40 MBit Side (e.g. a Datacenter), you should use the ZeroShells “Net Balancer”. This will NOT increase the Bandwidth for a single connection, but balances many connections over your 2 Lines.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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