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    I want to make a VPN between two XP machines.

    So, I use two zeroshell machines.

    Without VPN: in Network -> Router -> Static routes, I’va added in each zeroshell machine the route to join the other XP machine (IP network in fact).

    Each XP machine can ping the other.

    I’ve configured a Lan-to-Lan VPN that work fine: in each zeroshell machine, I have: “VPN00 : Connected to IP_address_the_other_zeroshell_machine:1195 (UDP)”.

    In each zeroshell machine, I modify the static route, and change:
    – “Gateway” become “Interface”,
    – Metric: 0 (others values don’t change anything),
    – Interface: VPN00.

    In “Static route”, for this line, I see: “VPN00 – UP”.

    And then each XP machine can’t ping the other !

    I thing, I make a BING mistake, but I don’t see whose…

    Thanks for all.


    A friend of mine explain me what to do.

    Solution 1: in each Zeroshell machine at the beginning and the en of the tunnel, you have to give an IP address to VPN interface: when you create the tunnel, in fact, you add a new interface. And this interface has no IP address.

    These new IP adresses have to be in a new IP network ( for example).

    Solution 2: create a bridge: you select the VPN interface and the ETHxy that begins (or ends) the tunnel.

    For each solution (1 or 2), don’t forget to create a static route.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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