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    I’m a beginner in using Zeroshell, and I am trying to connect two LAN with a Zeroshell VPN .

    The network is the following :

    LAN A :
    Computer A : with static route gateway
    Zeroshell A :
    ETH00 :
    ETH01 :

    LAN B :
    Computer B : with static route gateway
    Zeroshell B :
    ETH00 :
    ETH01 :

    The VPN between Zeroshell A and Zeroshell B is established.

    I did not define any IP address but used 2 different static routes on Zeroshell A et Zeroshell B.
    Both Zeroshell can ping each other Zeroshell LAN address (Zeroshell A can ping gateway but no computer can ping in VPN (Computer A can not ping Computer B gateway or IP Address and vice versa).

    When IP address are defined on VPN and statis route are deleted, nothing works.

    If you have any suggestions…
    Thanks in advance…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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